The detour on highway 22 has cut into local businesses, and two of them have only just recently taken over.

Detour signs originally blocked most of the road when it first went up in April.

It wasn’t until the owners took their story to the media that MnDOT altered the detour and added signs informing drivers that the section of Highway 22 south of county road 90 is still open for business.

“We reached out to MnDOT to make sure we had a sign. Once you notice it, then you see it. But we always want to be advertised so that people know we’re open for business,” Brittany Linder with Terrace View Golf Course said.

Of course for Edenvale, that really cut into some of the prime sales time. Owner Tom Branhan said,”We’re seasonal. Most of our business is in April and May, then it goes down in the summer, and picks back up in October.”

The correct changes have been made since, though the original decision did not come without good intent.

“When people see the signs blocking the road, it actually makes them register what they’re seeing, rather than just driving through wondering what the sign was. You have to work on it, and in this case we changed some signs to make it acceptable for others,” MnDOT’s Peter Harff said.

MnDOT says they will be in contact with those businesses much more for the second round of construction next summer.

— KEYC News 12.h